Sensat's platform tracks and visualises dynamic site performance remotely

Our common visualisation platform is a cloud-based site management tool that allows you to track and visualise dynamic project performance. Access your site remotely, from any device, collaborate with an unlimited number of users and discuss work in a visual and intuitive sense.

The world's leading infrastructure firms are using Sensat's platform

All your survey data in one place

Simply integrate all your asset and topographical information in Sensat's Platform, the world’s most advanced digital infrastructure site. Drag and drop designs and progress updates, LiDAR, topographical CAD, environmental site constraints, laser scans, utilities, text documents and images to build context and visually communicate amongst your team.


Layers allow you to intuitively manage all your asset and survey information. You can see key information, like accuracy or collection date, as well as manage what you and others can see at any given time. Layers powerfully builds context by maximizing the data you already have.

CAD integrations

Use our integration tool to monitor progress week by week using real site
data. Easily share development with a
wide range of stakeholders.

The Platform accepts files of any size from leading industry software:

"Sensat's platform sped up project delivery by 6 months whilst also providing a powerful, intuitive tool for future public consultation.”

Aaron Wadhams,
Technical Director at Berkeley Group

No. File. Size. Limit

The Platform's immersive site environment lets you visualise and interact with huge data sets. Gone are the days of waiting for files to load, software to crash or data to transfer. Using the latest in web-based technology, the Platform loads terabytes of your heaviest data in seconds and requires practically zero training to use. 

Access from any device

Sensat's Platform is your ultimate remote site. Your team can access your project from anywhere in the world, any time of day. It works perfectly well on any device, with no need for expensive hardware.

World’s fastest 3D browser-based engine

Our custom-built engine renders billions of data points in the blink of an eye - with no limit on file size.

Point cloud cropping

Working offline with a huge file? Use the Platform to crop and download the exact area you need to work with to work faster and more efficiently. Compatible with leading industry software.

Share site information

We understand how difficult it is to share information quickly with the right people. Sensat's common visualisation platform brings real-time collaboration to teams working in civil infrastructure, within real site data. Whether your collaborators are across town or on the other side of the world, the Platform gives you access to the site, information and people you need, all in one place.

Unlimited users

We believe in the power of collaboration. All our plans offer unlimited users, so everyone can stay in the know.


Add a note, web link, or attachment to a specific point for your whole team to see. Annotations, measurements and comments are updated in real-time, so your team can stay on top of everything that is happening


Layers allow you to intuitively manage all your asset and survey information. You can see key information, like accuracy or collection date, as well as manage what you and others can see at any given time. Layers powerfully build context by maximising the data you already have.

"Over 100 users are now accessing up to date information remotely via Sensat's Platform."

Jim Bushell,
Survey and Monitoring Manager at MSVF

Everything you need
at your fingertips

Managing a civil infrastructure project is a complex job. Sensat's Platform helps you to get the information you need when you need it. The platform links to multiple different data sources to help information flow across disciplines. This includes information from design partners, engineering, surveying, client stakeholders and specialist users all in one simple, easy to use and visually intuitive interface.

Full suite of 3D and 2D measurement tools

Make survey grade measurements of places, areas, heights, profiles and volumes in a matter of seconds. Relate these to the designs in their real world context and communicate the progress to a client through a shareable viewpoint. Easy.

man hours saved

£20 million
saved in project costs

"Sensat's Platform saved over 100,000 man hours and £20 million in direct project costs”

Emma Gilthorpe,
Executive Director at Heathrow

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right for you

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