Use to add a note, web link, or attachment to a specific point on the map.


Click on a location that you would like to annotate. This opens up a form that allows you to add a description to the annotation, as well as attach a link or external file. Your annotation is saved automatically.


Snapshots and Viewpoints



Use the snapshot tool to take a screenshot of the current screen.


The snapshots are available in the file manager, which is accessible from the right hand side menu.


Use the viewpoint tool to generate a URL that corresponds to your exact current view on the Platform. This URL can be shared with any user who has access to your project, and they will be taken directly to the corresponding viewpoint.

User Management

Team management

To access the Team Manager panel, click on the icon in the right hand side menu. In your Team Manager you can see who has access to the existing project, and invite other people from your organisation.

User permissions

The Platform offers simple permissions management: the ability to invite users to a project can be restricted to designated users, rather than being accessible to everyone. If you would like to enable this functionality on your account please contact

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