Data management

Layers and Orthomosaic



Orthomosaic data can be viewed in the Platform's 2D environment. This is accessible by clicking on the 2D button in the left hand menu.


Line and area measurements are available in the 2D environment, in addition to the viewpoint collaboration tool.


Multiple layers of data can be viewed in your project at the same time. This functionality is available in both 2D and 3D environments. Use the layers button in the right hand menu to review the available layers. Layer visibility can also be toggled on and off within this menu. 

Examples of additional data layers include:

  1. Imported CAD or other design models (2D and 3D environment)

  2. Additional point cloud capture, for example LiDAR (3D environment)

  3. DTM and DSM (2D environment)

Cropping a point cloud

Simulated sites are data rich environments, often many gigabytes in size. If you want to use the data in design suites it can cause processing issues or lag due to the size of the total file.


The crop button in the left hand menu allows you to select a rectangular area of your project point cloud to be cropped. Single click to start and stop drawing the area. You will then be prompted to name the new point cloud file.


The cropped area is saved in the file manager under ‘cropped files’ in .las format. Please note that for projects with multiple layers of point cloud data, the crop tool will create a separate file for the data contained in each layer.


File Manager

Exporting data

The File Manager gives you access to various data files. You can access the file manager through the left hand menu. This opens up an interface showing all your files organised by type. Clicking any file will initiate automatic download.

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