Latest Updates

To help you do more with Sensat's common visualisation platform we have listed all the latest updates here along with useful instructions


New DWG file integration

Design data is often ‘stuck’ behind software licenses, limiting the number of stakeholders who can view and interact with it. DWG is a proprietary file format that makes designs and models accessible, and opens a range of applications, including stakeholder engagement and public consultations, all through the Platform.

Our new release supports .GLB files, a 3D file format used across a range of graphic platforms and web applications. As this is not a standard output from most CAD & BIM software, we’re able to support users who want to take advantage of the feature by converting files for them.

The new DWG integration will feature:

See your project designs in context

Our new release,supporting DWGs is now available, with DXF support being made available in the coming weeks. Once this support is added, you will be able to quickly and easily upload your own files to the Platform through the layer panel/file manager. This integration helps you to gain a better understanding of how your proposed buildings and structures interact with the real world in the context of your entire infrastructure site.

A tool for better collaboration

All of our plans offer unlimited users, so any stakeholder can view your design data on our cloud-based visualisation platform. No more worrying about licenses or the need for specialist software. You can have meaningful discussions with project collaborators and make decisions faster without having to go on site.

Keep tabs on progress

You can upload additional visual data to your project in the Platform at any time. It’s never been easier to compare your designs and ensure you’re on the right track.

AUG 2020

Magic Wand tool in 2D

Calculating the boundary of a building or stockpile in high-resolution data can be manually laborious, frustrating and prone to errors. To solve this problem, we’ve created an intelligent Magic Wand tool that accurately estimates the boundaries of a target object in high-resolution orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models with a single click.

It works by analysing the colour range of an object, and estimating its boundary, then providing you with a polygon representation. Once the boundary is selected, you can instantly calculate the area of the zone and attach any meaningful documents and information to it; easily sharing asset information with the appropriate stakeholders.

Super fast

The Magic Wand tool is the quickest way of highlighting zone boundaries in your survey data such as high resolution orthomosaics, satellite imagery and digital elevation models.

Remove human error

Unlike other geospatial and CAD software, the objective colour based selection in the Platform's Magic Wand tool avoids manual creation of zones, reducing human errors.

Integrated asset tagging

Easily add further non-geospatial information such as images, PDFs and descriptions to zones selected.

Supports daily monitoring

Annotate and attach reports to the highlighted object and share valuable information with other stakeholders on a daily basis.

JULY 2020

Updated upload flow in the Platform

It’s important our products continuously improve so they work harder for you. Now, with our new file upload flow, you can simply upload data directly from your own device. You no longer need to reach out to our team - it’s easy to do directly from the Platform's web interface.

Comprehensive file upload

Uploading the following file formats into the Platform has never been easier : .laz, .las, .kml, .tif, .png, .pdf, .obj, .dwg, .fbx, .glb. Not only will these files be saved in your file manager for future download, file formats .las, .laz, .kml, .tif and .glb files will be visualised as layers in the map as well.

All browser-based

We can support any file size and visualise them in all browser applications. With no limit on the number of user visualisation of survey data is available to everyone in the team. 

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