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For your remote team

Free £417/month/project 1

Starting at

Unlimited users

Access from any device

The fastest browser based 3D engine

Full suite of 3D and 2D measurement tools

Collaboration and annotation tools

CAD files integration and support

File manager

Plus all these benefits:

All your survey data in one place

No file size limits


Collaborate with colleagues online

Share and exchange information easily

Identify issues before they impact the budget and schedule


Best for automated workflows

£5k /month/project 1

Starting at

All Remote features plus:

Automated workflow integrations

User management

Live data integration

Access to over 1,000 geospatial data sets

Plus all these benefits:

Eliminate multiple systems and automate processes

Manage project data amongst various stakeholders, both internal and external

Integrate with a wide range of workflows and software 

Get real time project updates

Save hours with easy access to third-party and open data


Large Enterprise-ready


All Remote and Pro features plus:

Enterprise dashboard

Multi-tiered user management

Single sign-on

API and software integrations

Predictive analytics and reporting

Dedicated account manager

Executive business reviews

Secure project back-ups

Plus all these benefits:

Key project metrics, updated in real time, and clearly communicated

Keep the right people in the know with the most in-depth controls and reporting on information flow

See the future with predictive analytics

Have peace of mind with monthly project data back-ups

1 For a project area based on 0.25km2

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